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First post on my new website!

Do what is great!

Here we go! 🎉 This post marks the official launch of my website! 🚀

On March 24th of 2018, I have sent out a tweet on my Twitter account writing about my current plans for my personal home automation project. It included an image showing all kinds of IoT devices I’m planning to use in my project.

It didn’t take long for Andy Cowan to reply to it…

I love Twitter and always reply, so I wrote:

OK, honestly, I had not considered the option of starting a blog/website on this subject. And actually, I did not have a personal site at all. I did launch a blog on my personal domain in the past (years ago). But it was missing focus, and lacking a specific niche. Those kinds of blogs are doomed to fail and never keep up. So did mine at the time.

You know what Andy, you are absolutely right my friend! So I dug up my personal domain, created a small system for this website and voila!

I already have tons of ideas for articles to write. Nevertheless, I’m dying to know what you would like to read…? Please let me know in a reply on this blog or tweet 😄

Thank you, Andy, for giving me a focus for my personal website, it fits me perfectly! Today I decided to do what is great; writing about my home automation adventures.

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